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Crazy Pizza, crazy pasta, crazy good.

Crazy Ray’s Pizza and Pasta. click here for website. newly opened near TCU campus. I’ve already been there few times, and will continue to go. It is crazy good pizza, crazy good pasta. have you had your crazy today ?

With all these specials and great taste: how can you not eat here ?!

interior decor, SPORTS BAR, great seating for good times !


TCU national champs! NOT ! Great pancakes ! Yes !

Maybe it’s the Aggie in me, but this sign irks me. TCU football won the Rose Bowl this past weekend defeating #5 ranked Wisconsin. Let me be the first one to say I’m extremely happy for them, and they deserve all the credit in the world for defeating the Badgers. Non-BCS team or not, they deserved to be there because of their outstanding record; however, I don’t believe they are worthy of this accolade. I digress, it’s just a sign on a great Fort Worth pancake establishment…besides, the sign should’ve stated 2010 natl champs, 2011 Rose Bowl champs, right?