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Jerry Jones, can you please buy me a ticket?

I was perusing my friend’s ticket website:; (he’s a cofounder: good site!) looking for Superbowl XLV tickets. I stumbled upon the image below. Another friend (loco4burritos) jokingly said: “The $93,000 handling fee is a bargain!!!” What exactly does that mean? Will Aaron Rodgers, Hines Ward, and cheerleaders personally hand deliver the tickets to me? Mr Jerry Jones, can you please buy me a ticket? (Honestly, if I got the ticket, I would donate it to someone.) Furthermore, I read that the NFL is selling $200 tickets to stand OUTSIDE the stadium to watch game on TV. AND, it will count towards total attendance which Mr. Jones wants to break. Previous record set in Rose Bowl in 1980 (I think): 103,000. How does that make sense? Like a viewer on TV said, “If a student is in the parking lot of school, but doesn’t actually go inside, does that count as being in attendance?”  Don’t get me wrong, the Cowboys stadium is a beautiful work of art. Frankly, a modern wonder of the world to some degree….I’m just being a hater, and jealous of those getting to go the game. 😉