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There’s a good chance my posts this week will be centered around the Superbowl. Come to think of it, quite a few of my posts are sports-related. Superbowl XLV (45) is one week away. (AKA North Texas Superbowl XLV). Fort Worth is a buzz. Dallas, Arlington, Irving, and surrounding areas are all gearing up this week for superfestivities…and super traffic. I read a small editorial piece in D magazine (Dallas magazine) claiming how Dallas is THE football capital of the world. The author isn’t hating on Fort Worth, but he can’t stand the fact the ESPN snubbed Dallas, and chose Sundance Square in Fort Worth to host their programming ALL week. Funkytown-Cowtown-Fort Worth, is where it’s at ! So come on down ! As the cowboys say, ” Come on back now, ya hear ! “