Tarrant County High


Unless it’s a real estate, home-buying ploy, we’ve been told the area near where we reside is the highest point in Tarrant County. I’m not too sure, but after a couple of nose-bleeds and the purchase of an oxygen tank, I’d have to agree, that it could be. The area as we affectionately call  LeBluffs, is a nice hilly subdivision. Our “Broker” friends have a beautiful view from their home of downtown FW. You’ll see the trail in the pic above leading to a viewing area where on a more clear day, you could see all of FW’s 5 or 6 ‘skyscrapers.’ In the pic on the right, you could barely make a visual of downtown FW upper right corner.

*** tomorrow, I will participate in the FW Cowtown race. I’m  looking forward to the 10k, which I’m slightly embarrassed to say being a former half-marathoner.The FW course and all its hills –  not for the recreational runner. I’m glad Tarrant County High is not included in the run. I shall post race pics tomorrow. It’ll  give me an excuse to during my run/walk/run/walk to take blog photos ***

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