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If A-rod* was a chocolate truffle

If A-rod* was a chocolate truffle

I know I had promised to stray from mindless jibber jabber, but in light of valentines day and the recent A-rod bombshell, I couldn’t resist this picture. I took my other 1/3 to a Central Market cooking class in Southlake (few minutes from FW) as an early valentines day gift. Tonight’s class: hands-on making chocolate truffle. With my manhood still intact, I couldn’t help but take the chef’s “Do whatever you want with the soft chocolate truffle…” literally.  I thought ‘outside the box.’ I couldn’t help but think of the steroid scandal and A-roid’s* recent confession. So, I proceeded to make a truffle of a chocolate figurine on roids. He’s sitting next ot his dog – I hadn’t put the eyes on it yet at this point. I texted the picture to a buddy of mine, and he replied, “Dude, wtf is that?” Hence, this evening’s entry. Thanks, Ra! *