Keller Desis



As you can deduce, I am of Indian-American descent. As the bumper stickers around here are stated, “ I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!

Where I live is technically in Fort Worth; however, we are ‘serviced’ by the Keller post office. The  wonderful town of Keller is across the tracks. My other half (or if we did it by size proportions-my other 1/3) always says that Keller isn’t really much of a diverse town, but every time we drive by this water tower, we share a moment of laughter. I always tell her, “See honey, Keller is the home of the Indians!”  Keller recently made the news when its school district announced it would not show the presidential inauguration in local schools. I believe the rationale was because it didn’t fit the curriculum and would take away from ample teacher time. However, after much deliberation, the school district overturned its original decision. I’m sure it was to prevent a visit from Christiane Amanpour, Anderson Cooper, or possibly some sort of commendation from area Dittoheads.  Political idiosyncracies aside, the citizens of Keller are wonderful, and the town has a unique charm. Bear Creek Park is a great family venue, the antique stores are a hidden gem, and the barbecue is to die for. Yet, we have more to explore of this little town with local history, and a promising future with its continued growth !

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