Ice, ice, baby; too cold, too cold…

autumn leaf bracing for winter ice

autumn leaf bracing for winter ice

frozen beach sandals

frozen beach sandals

landscape light

landscape light

quiet morning

quiet morning

Good morning! I am awaiting word from my colleagues/boss whether to drive into work: 27 mile commute through some icey, sure to be scary conditions. The temperature as I write this is 19degrees outside ! I can’t help but think that we Texans ‘freak out’ over temperatures like this. I do believe, and justifiably so: it’s because people don’t know how to drive in conditions like these. I am included in that mix. The mid size truck I have surely is invulnerable to cold…right? no? Oh wait, that’s only Hummers. Oh, I get it.  I think about our northern neighbors on the east coast who sit back and laugh at our cold weather coping mechanisms. But then again, I did snicker few summers ago when New Yorkers couldn’t handle the few days streak of  95 plus degree temperatures. I remember on the evening news the ‘five steps to keeping safe in the heat.’

Okay, time to check in with the boss…gotta be there by 10 a.m.


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