In and out of the loop

in the loopout of the loop

*** warning: it is not safe to drive and take pictures at the same time, unless of course you’re stuck in crazy traffic heading into fort worth (reminds me of when I evacuated Houston for Hurricane Rita few years ago: 19 hours to go 85 miles!) *** As for my ride home, (heading out of the loop 820: i was driving slowly, steadily (and praying) while I took this pic heading past 820.

You’ll notice in the pic on left – I work in South Arlington (27 miles from home), and I have to go through downtown fort worth. This is traffic EVERY morning. It is a pain, but the 50 minute commute does give me time to be reflective, bored, peaceful…all at the same time.  Furthermore, you’ll see a hint of what downtown fort worth is like in this picture.  As for the drive home, the picture is an illusion. Traffic is just as bad heading out into north Fort Worth, Keller, Watauga area. At this point around 4:30p.m. –  I’m not so contemplative or peaceful – I’m anxious to get to the gym, go home, and just relax.

Outside the loop heading north there is much growth and development planned. However, Fort Worth officials must make easing of traffic a high priority. More lanes are needed. ASAP.

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