Allow myself…to introduce….myself: WTFw ???

Greetings everyone. To borrow lines from the iconic Austin Powers movie series, “Here I am….and there you are.” I’m the new neighbor in blogsville and frankly, I’m a little nervous. What’s it like here?  RW gave me the name for this blog site: WTFw??? One main reason is because I write this as a resident of the city of Fort Worth. And then of course, I do catch myself asking: wtf ???  Kudos to RW for the most appropriate title for this blog. As for her better half: PW has had a photo log for the past two years: Is This Houston. A great site delivered from Word Press as well. His site has many pics taken from his cell phone of random, quirky, noteworthy things in and around the Houston area (where I used to live for 7 years)

Furthermore, I’ve always wanted to do this. Call it catharsis, or whatever…but this is a modality to just vent, educate, learn, be myself without care or rule. My intentions for this blog are ill-defined. I will however, make every attempt to refrain from talking too much about myself. That will be a huge undertaking nonetheless.

My hope is for the site to be more of a photolog. I do plan on posting  pictures of Fort Worth rather than a novella of mindless jibber-jabber. Or, I may take a pics of sights around FW to incite some discussion – be it humor, news, religion, etc. Did I mention how this was ill-defined?

I’ve always believed that if the cities of Dallas and Austin could have a baby, Fort Worth would pop out. This is a beautiful small city, with a charm of its own. The people here are absolutely wonderful.  This was keenly observed the first weekend my wife and I moved here when I was attempting to switch lanes, and I was able to do so without being flipped off, honked at , or partaking in a pleasant road rage discussion. Fort Worth is not exactly the epicenter of multiculturalism, but is a dynamic city with history and beauty at every block and even more promising of a future. There is growth and development everywhere.

So, let’s get started: the above picture of the header for this website was taken from the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth. (Oh, I use a Canon Power Shot SD 850 IS Digital camera. Heck, I don’t even really know what all that means, but it is a good camera, with some cool features including color enhancing.)

The Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth is a little paradise off of I-30 and University Dr., near downtown. Serene and beautiful, this locale takes you away briefly from the daily grind. The picture was taken off-season during the Christmas holidays.

I am a newbie to this whole blogging thing, so please be patient with me. Critique me, hate me, love me… I will not be as verbose next time,  (head tilt-wink-finger point-and an awright.)


1 Response to “Allow myself…to introduce….myself: WTFw ???”

  1. January 8, 2009 at 4:17 am

    WTF WTFw!

    Good luck dude.

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